5 Sneaky Daily Yoga Exercises That Nobody in the Office Will Notice

Working a nine to five and not sure how to work yoga into your routine? If you really can’t set aside half an hour to kickstart your yoga practice after work, especially when you’re feeling both mental and physical physique, there are ways to work some yoga exercises into your day as it is. These can be done even if things come up throughout the day that will throw even the best of wellness intentions off course. The best way to make yoga a part of your day is to stick to what is simple and easier to implement than you might think. Automating five small yoga exercises into your work routine (each of which will be detailed here and with a bit of planning won’t be obviously noticeable to your colleagues), can make a real difference relative to building a sustainable yoga practice.

1) A Quick Yoga Move Behind a Door

If you’re a few minutes early in the boardroom before a morning meeting, or (smartly) waiting to be the last to leave, this presents an opportunity to do a few quick yoga moves behind the door when the room is yours. The idea is not to break out into much of a sweat, and by doing 10 quick lunges, then a high lunge, and a triangle on each leg, you’ll be training your body for future yoga classes as a result.

2) Lunchtime Yoga Breakaway

Most people have an hour for lunch, but in a busy environment may find themselves scoffing their food down, only to return to their desks before their formally contracted break is actually over. Instead of going straight back to your desk, explore a short yoga class nearby that you can perhaps even walk to, refreshing your body and mind and even giving you a few extra steps every day.

3) The “Double Sit Down”

When you’re getting back to your desk from a meeting or your lunch time break, try a “double sit down” in and out of the typical chair pose. You should basically be doing a squat every time you head back to your desk, and over the course of one work day, or an entire month, you’ll be surprised at what it will do in terms of strengthening your legs and core, ahead of introducing a yoga class into your schedule when the time is right.

4) Planking in a Meeting Room

Although you don’t really want to be seen doing this in the boardroom, especially if the office is fairly corporate, if company culture is more relaxed, and there is a meeting room available, you can try planking in there for one minute every work day. If the office has a more casual setups, a 2pm plank at your desk is a possible option too. I’m not so sure you can hide that from your team members if you have an open plan office setup, but the idea is to get into the mindset of using what you have!

5) Taking the Stairs

If you work in a building that has multiple floors, switch your regular routine of taking the elevator by opting for the stairs instead. Although this isn’t technically a yoga exercise, it will help to build up muscle strength over time, making it easier for your body to adapt to a longer yoga session. You could also run up and down a few times before you leave work, just to clear some of that mental fog from a long day, though this might elicit some strange looks from your colleagues.

Making time for yoga might be difficult when you’re a very busy working person, but these five exercises will help to put you on your way towards a healthy, long-term yoga practice. To find out about more ways to make yoga a more formal part of your routine, try a one-on-one holistic health coaching session, or one of my private classes when you’re up to it.