5 Healthy Habits For An On The Go Lifestyle

The new year is in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, you might also be getting curious about the subtle ways to bring healthy habits into your routine. If you have a particularly “on the go” lifestyle, you might find it challenging to prioritise your food consumption, especially when life throws some unexpected hurdles your way. Here are 5 healthy habits that are easy to incorporate into your food routine, no matter how hectic things might get.

1. Prep Your Meals

Some people prep their meals to the point where they’ve got a freezer stacked full of food for the week ahead. Others like to make a handful upfront, knowing that they have specific days in the week where it might be a little harder to get to everything. Either way, meal prep is a great way to put together healthy, delicious choices when you’re relaxed and under less pressure, in order to help yourself out on the days when things are a bit crazy. If you’re on the road a lot, meal prep can also help you avoid fast food, and also save you a lot of money in your monthly budget.

2. Have a Healthy Snack on Hand

Do you also eat anything you can find your hands on when you're hungry? Particularly when you're stressed? Even if you are prepping your meals, you may still be lured in by the convenience store at the petrol station, and end up buying processed food without really giving it too much thought. Having a healthy snack on hand, or in a bag nearby, is a great way to beat these crashes. If you always have the option nearby, your blood sugar gets the fix it needs, you get a healthy alternative in the moment, and the day carries on without interruption. Needless to say, there are days where we all need some good old fashioned chocolate (or cacao)!

3. Give Yourself Many Options

A good diet requires balance, and the more healthy options you present to yourself in the day, the less you have to worry about the ones you can’t control. It’s never going to be a situation where you are 100% ticking absolutely every box. We’re all human after all. The idea is to set yourself up in a way that the healthy choices balance out nicely with the not-so-healthy ones. This can be as simple as what you put on your shopping list each week. You discover what works for you over time, and with a bit of patience and curiosity, the result can be quite astonishing.

4. Make Water a Priority

Water is the ultimate source of nourishment, making up more than half of our bodies. We need it every day in order to function, but more importantly, to survive. An easy healthy habit to incorporate into your “on the go” lifestyle is to have a big glass of water right before your meals. This not only hydrates your cells, but will help you to feel more full. In turn, you may eat more slowly, enjoy the meal a bit more, and even take the pressure off from rushing through mealtimes altogether. Once you’re in the habit, substitute your next fizzy drink with a glass of water flavoured with some berries or limes, and soon you’ll be doing so without thinking about it!

5. Mix and Match at Mealtimes

Last but not least, a healthy “on the go” lifestyle requires you to venture into the world of mixing and matching during mealtimes. If you’re buying from a restaurant, for example, you don’t have to settle for the things you see on the menu. Don't be afraid to “make your own meals” if you know what it is that you need in the moment. In most cases, people are too shy to ask. Ask for sauce on the side, so you can manage quantities yourself and feel more enlightened about what you’re putting into your body. These small decisions end up creating big momentum, and ultimately lead to a bigger change in your energy levels and how you feel about your healthy habits.