4 Yoga Poses for Sore Backs and Stiff Necks

With so many people spending upwards of eight hours in front of their computers at work, these days it’s hardly surprising to hear someone complaining about having a sore back or a stiff neck. It’s never a good feeling, and I can totally relate to waking up with the problem after a night’s rest in a weird position. My go-to when this happens is to try a couple of good ol’ neck rolls to see if it helps.

I also like doing a full body stretch to help counter the effects, although I’m always extra careful not to push my body too much when it is in this state. Although I can’t offer formal medical or scientific advice to fix the problem (definitely talk to a specialist if the problem persists), I can share what else has worked for me in the past. The following yoga poses might help you too, so try them out and if it works, you can bank on them next time too.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby is a staple pose that is often done in yoga and pilates classes. Essentially a gentle stretch of the hamstrings, inner thigh and groin, it is great for relaxing the back and opening up the hips and chest. On top of helping with a sore back and stiff neck, this pose helps to realign and stretch the spine, eases stress and anxiety and may even be good for lowering your heart rate at the end of a difficult day.

Child’s Pose

Another pose to try is Balasana, more commonly referred to as Child’s Pose. A resting yoga pose, this one kicks off by kneeling on the floor first. Perfect for entry-level yoga enthusiasts or people who don’t have much experience stretching, it is ideal for combating issues related to the spine, hips, ankles and thighs. The complimentary deep breathing exercises will help to clear your mind and improve blood circulation too.

Eagle Pose

Also great for helping to counter a sore back or stiff neck in my experience, the Eagle Pose involves stretching quite a hefty combination of muscles. It encourages the shoulder blades to slide down the back while holding the pose, which is ideal for reducing any stiffness in the region. A wonderful hip opener, this pose is great for deep breathing and increases focus and balance too.

Supine Spinal Twists Pose

Last but not least, the supine spinal twist in an intermediate restorative pose that is great for encouraging mobility of the spine. Twisting your posture will also gently massage the internal organs, along with relieving lower back pain too. Once it is done correctly, it should help to realign the spine, as well as hydrating the spinal discs. You might be feeling like your old self again after just a few days of repetition of this pose in conjunction with one or two of the others we’ve covered. I hope you feel better soon!