4 Natural Wellness Activities Available to Everyone

Maintaining a wellness routine doesn’t have to involve hours in the gym every day, with a rigid schedule to follow even on days when your body is craving rest. I’ve always been a big advocate of slow and steady, with a disciplined yet gentle outlook on how to sustain healthy habits over longer periods. If you need a bit of inspiration for new activities to try, I’ve carved out four natural wellness activities that are easy to do and as accessible as it gets no matter where you live. These will help to ground you in your wellness practice, while also tapping into your senses as much as possible.

1. Bird Watching

I’ve recently uncovered a new avenue to encourage greater mindfulness in my day. Casual bird watching - even if just over a few minutes a day outside - can do wonders for reminding you that we’re part of a larger, intertwined ecosystem. Identifier apps are freely available, and by identifying those in your area you’ll be able to stimulate your mind in the process too. If your home has a garden, add a bird feeder to one of the trees and watch a variety of different ones show up and make their presence known through different and interesting calls among themselves.

2. Ice Dips or Baths

Whether you have a bath or pool at home, access to a lake nearby, or there is a public pool in the area, this next is easy to dive into (quite literally). Quick ice dips or baths offer many health benefits, including easing sore muscles, improving circulation, reducing inflammation and stimulating your central nervous system. Sure, it’s tough to do during winter. But you’ll be doing your body a favour in an activity that is quick and easy to do, getting easier the more you do it, especially as we move into spring and summer. And believe me, nothing makes you feel alive and revitalised!

3. Five Minutes of Sunshine

If you’re after something a little warmer, try a quick sit down in a spot of sunshine during your day. The added vitamin D will not only help to boost your mood in the winter months, but the soothing warmth on your skin will provide instant joy. Taking five minutes improves your mindfulness too, perhaps even becoming a short meditation during your work day. The sun is one of the most phenomenal features of daily life, yet we often only think of it as something important to a day out on the beach. Let’s change that thought process instead and tap into all its glory.

4. A Nature Walk or Hike

A final natural wellness activity you can explore is a walk or hike out in nature. In South Africa, there is an abundance of opportunity to do so, no matter where you live. Even just heading to a nearby park and engaging with some of the trees around you can count as a nature walk. Aside from benefiting your physical health, it will also give you time to be in your thoughts and to regroup if you’re having a difficult day. This is one of the activities I talk about a lot as part of the Hello Happiest Lifestyle Manager, with participants reaping all the rewards of a multitude of wellness activities in the process, and so much more.