The Many Health Benefits of Long Nature Walks

I’ve always been a big fan of taking long walks in nature, and often found myself wondering about some of the benefits attached to doing so regularly. While not all of us are geared for day long hikes (although naturally it works for many), for some people it’s more convenient to schedule an hour or two over a weekend to touch base with nature, get out of the house a bit, and to remember that we’re all part of a universe so vast, it’s hard to even comprehend its sheer size. So why are nature walks so good for us, and where can you look to find a good spot for you to do so?

What is a Nature Walk?

A nature walk refers to taking some time out of your schedule to get your body moving and to clock up some extra steps, especially while you experience some of the beautiful nature the region around you has to offer. This might not be a possibility depending on the neighbourhood you live in, so finding alternatives in the area could be a great way to give you the experience without having to travel very far. Scheduling one or two long nature walks a month, be it at a botanical garden or at something similar, could be just what you need to kickstart your health and amp up your self care routine in the process.

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How Nature Walks Can Benefit Your Health

Nature walks are proven to do many things, including helping to control symptoms of depression, elevating mood, reducing anxiety and overall making you feel happier, and more grounded. From a scientific perspective, it naturally makes you more athletically fit, is said to improve your immune system, and some studies even suggest that by helping you get active more regularly, it can help reduce the likelihood of you getting cancer in your lifetime. Something as simple as an hour long walk in an environment that contains beautiful trees, flowers and birds can do a world of good for you, and be a great bonding experience for you and a friend, or partner.

Why Do Our Bodies Respond So Well To These?

There is some logic behind how our bodies (and minds) respond to these kinds of walks. As our brain registers the wind, the sound of the leaves, or the serene waters near us, stress hormones in our bodies subside. This is particularly evident in fatigued minds, especially in people who feel like they are working too much, or haven’t taken a proper break in a while. A walk in nature is a nourishing experience, not only giving us the chance to replenish our energy levels, but also giving us some time to go inward and get more contemplative, especially if we have a lot on our minds (who doesn’t!).

An Immersive Wellness Experience Including Nature Walks

You may now be ready to start prioritising nature walks into your routine, which is fantastic news. Being mindful of this, the team at Hello Happiest. has created an opportunity for you to connect with the great outdoors and do so much more to help you feel more rejuvenated.

Our retreats are designed to help you reconnect with yourself through yoga, serene ocean views, luxury accommodations as well as delicious, healthy cuisine. But even more so, reconnect with nature; walk to, enjoy and do yoga on the two world class beaches on our doorstep and enjoy immersing in the marine nature reserve we hold hands with. Our Weekend Wellness Sanctuary (coming up in April) is a great opportunity for you to celebrate life, unwind and to enjoy touching base with your self care. The area also plays host to some of the most breathtaking outdoor scenes you will find in the Western Cape, giving you the perfect opportunity to go on long walks through the greenery at sunrise.

Whether you’re looking to break away on your own, or you think it would be the perfect opportunity to connect with a partner, friend, sibling or parent, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Christi Wasserman


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