How To Make Chocolate a Part of Your Journey to Happiness

When many of us think about chocolate, we’re haunted by the 90’s infomercials showing overweight people eating excessive amounts and miraculously losing weight using things called the “ab flex” and other fancy inventions. We’ve also grown up in a society with a lot of stigma attached to overindulgence, especially because we’re constantly expected to be at our best thanks to social media. Real life doesn’t work like this, and naturally, we all deserve to have our vices, especially when life comes with a lot of stress and struggle. So how can we turn something as delicious as chocolate into something that becomes a part of our journey to happier, healthier lives? This is possible in a few ways, which I’ll touch on today.

Why Chocolate Is Something We All Love

We all love chocolate not only because it comes in a variety of different forms and flavours, but simply put, it does have an addictive quality. The reason we enjoy it so much is that it usually includes tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as a precursor to serotonin, which boosts your mood similarly to when you see someone you love, or gives you the same feeling you may get from endorphines after a workout. Essentially, chocolate elevates our moods, and generally increases our feelings of elation.

Chocolate and Cacao in Moderation

Chocolate is produced from cacao beans, so when you’re talking about one, it helps to reference the other. Cacao has many health benefits that have gone unexplored by most consumers. The key to making chocolate a part of your wellness journey is to remember one important word: moderation. Anything in excess is never going to be good for you, but making it a part of your week in a way that isn’t part of a reward system (be careful of this), or that doesn’t become a “go to” mood booster for you when you’re feeling low, is vital to ensuring you stay within the bounds of what’s good for you and what isn’t. Finding other activities to give you similar feelings should be explored, and chocolate should merely compliment these, if you’re looking to make it a healthy part of your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Cacao

If you’re still not sold on chocolate being good for you, let’s take a moment to discuss where it comes from. Cacao is a highly underutilised superfood, containing over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. It is considered the highest plant-based source of iron you will find, also loaded with magnesium (good for heart brain and heart) and it even has more calcium than you will find in traditional cow’s milk. Chocolate does not have to be seen as something that is detrimental to your health, in fact, utilising the power of cacao in a way to elevate your health (while also making you feel great) is something you can explore as we get into this year and the new decade.

A Unique Retreat To Kickstart The Journey

If you need a little bit more guidance on how to make cacao and chocolate a “friend of the family”, our Cacao One Night Sanctuary, which is coming up in February, is the perfect opportunity for you to change up how you perceive cacao and harness the best it has to offer. We ran this retreat for the first time in 2019, and it was so successful, that we’re looking to host additional events related to some of the activities in the retreat itself, to educate people further about this superfood. Chocolate does not have to be the “forbidden fruit” in the cupboard, rather, utilising it through moderation and remembering that it’s all about the how when it comes to our vices, can be a game changer for you and your overall levels of happiness. Looking forward to sharing some chocolate with you soon!


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