The Hello Happiest. 2019 Year-in-Review!

2019 was a busy, fun and explorative year for the Hello Happiest. team. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the year as a whole, taking with you some lessons for the new year, while slowly shifting your focus to the exciting challenges laying ahead. This year, we experienced substantial growth in our events and retreats, made some in-house additions to improve on the experience we offer our participants, as well as being featured in multiple nationwide press outlets. All of this has laid the foundation for us to enter a new decade with enthusiasm, ready to provide you with the best possible wellness experiences. Before turning our attention to that, let’s take stock of 2019’s most notable and exciting achievements first.

Events and Retreats Galore!

This year, we hosted over 30 retreats and events, which is an all-time record for us. Collectively, we welcomed in the hundreds of people to our wellness hub, with a particular increase in capacity for our private and public events. We’ve taken the time to collect feedback from our participants, in order to keep making it a memorable experience for everyone, while also listening to requests, in order to provide more specialised, personal experiences in the new year. Keep an eye out for a couple of exciting new concepts that we’ll be launching throughout 2020!

Improvements to the Hello Happiest. Experience

To keep offering you the best possible experience, we’ve made some important in-house changes this year, not only to our physical operations, but to the way we interact with you online as well. We’ve started launching weekly blogs on the site, discussing important wellness topics and encouraging others to lead a lifestyle with greater focus on self love and care. We also created a free gift for our newsletter subscribers who wanted access to some of our best retreat recipes, and hope to be able to share more content like this in the new year.

Giveaways and Collaborations in 2019

Monthly giveaways on our socials have become a regular thing, in collaboration with other fun brands as well, which yielded results exceeding our expectations! With this collaborative mindset, we started teaching at outside events with new partners, with a shift towards a view toward the development of the wellness industry in South Africa as a whole. Closer to home in Llandudno, we had one of our existing team members, Anthony, step into a new role, now collaborating with us as wellness chef, which has brought dynamic changes to the healthy cuisine we offer at all our retreats and events.

Media Features for Hello Happiest.

In April, we produced a brand new promotional video showcasing our retreats, which formed the cornerstone of some of our online campaigns and launched a drive to increase our PR efforts. With this in mind, we secured a couple of wonderful media features for the brand, including being showcased in Slow Magazine, Financial Mail, Wellness Magazine, What’s On in Cape Town, as well as more recently in Atlantic Views Magazine. These features served to solidify Hello Happiest. as a brand that is here to stay, and we are looking forward to some international press in the new year, in particular around plans to launch our first international retreat, which we will be announcing very soon!

Bringing Innovation To The Wellness Industry in South Africa

While it isn’t easy to pick a single standout milestone out of everything that happened this year, it goes without saying that hosting the first of its kind Cacao Retreat was a moment we truly won’t forget anytime soon. A sold out retreat which brought the likes of a cacao ceremony and host of yummy chocolate and wellness festivities, including a 7 course chocolate and wine pairing! We enjoyed the concept so much that it has become a prominent part of our planning for the new year. If you feel like you missed out you’re in luck, as we’ll be hosting our next one nice and early next year, on the 14th of February.

2019 has been a groundbreaking year for Hello Happiest., and we can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who played a part in the successes and learnings, as well as to everyone who supported us this year by attending our events or retreats, connected with us online, or just spread a positive message about what we do. We can’t do it without you, and look forward to you joining us for the ride in 2020 as well. Happy new year!


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