Signs That It’s Time To Reconnect with Yourself

Sam Lowe Photography

For many of us, realising we need some time to reconnect with ourselves, go inward and practice some self care, often only happens when it’s a little too late. We tend to reactively respond to hitting a wall, when the truth is, that with a little bit of planning and by paying attention to the signs, we can spot when we start to dip, making provision around setting aside some time for ourselves, in order to recharge our batteries. Because everything comes from being full first. Today, we’d like to explore a couple of the signals that help to show that it might be a good time to take a step back, reconnect with yourself, and spend some time on your self care.

End of Year Burnout and Fatigue

One of the first signals that you may need some time to regroup, is the all too familiar end of year burnout feeling, compounded by general fatigue. In October it starting to sink in and yet we still need to give that final year end push. And all of a sudden November is here, we’re in the home stretch to get to the finish line at work, and normally our bodies start to show the signs. That’s exactly why we’ve timed and developed our overnight retreats during this time, providing exactly what the doctor ordered; that quick reboot giving you the boost you need to get to your December break.


Another clear sign that it’s time to consider a reboot and to look at your self care practice (or lack thereof) from the perspective of an outsider, is when you find yourself being overly sensitive towards your friends, family, partner or even colleagues. Don’t get us wrong, sensitivity is by no means a bad thing, but when you are constantly feeling reactive in your relationships, and you start to take everything a little too seriously, time to plug out to plug back in!

Impulsive Reactions

If you are getting that “December I’m quitting my job” syndrome, or you’re feeling like just packing it all in and moving to Mauritius (without a real plan and no foresight around January), maybe it’s time to take a step back, hehe. Impulsive reactions are a great indicator that things aren’t 100% in our emotional lives, and that it is important to put aside some introspective time. Our Weekend Wellness Sanctuary, for example, not only includes four yoga classes which will be great for this, but also gives you the chance to get a full body massage, reset with a sound journey and gives you time to go into your own world, lie by the pool, go to the beach and to reconnect with yourself in a way that isn’t possible in the general hustle and bustle of life. You’re welcome! ;)

I’m Getting There. What Now?

If any of these are ringing a bell with you right now, then consider a short yoga class or weekend breakaway in the near future. There is never a bad time to reconnect with your needs, wants and self care, and just by taking a step back to assess that you need to prioritise these a little more in your life, you’re already a step closer to getting back on your feet. The world is fil