Why Food Is An Important Part of a Yoga Retreat Experience

There are very few things in life that combine the human experience, and food is definitely one of them! Food carries such physical, emotional and pleasurable weight in our lives, which is why the focus of a retreat may be on the recharge, the activities, the social aspect, spending some time on journeying inwards, as well as cuisine you’ll be served. It nourishes the body which is vital to your overall transformative experience, provides a platform to connect, and let's not forget the delectable opportunity for you to experience something nourishingly different from your traditional, day-to-day meals.

The Benefits of Eating Healthy Food

Going back to basics for a minute, let’s remember that food is something that provides our bodies with nutrients. These nutrients flow through our blood cells, forming our tissues, organs, entire system, essentially give us energy, help with growth, and promote the healthy functioning of the body as a whole. Your breathing, digestion and even how your body keeps itself warm when its cold (cue memories from winter… yikes), all depend on the types of nutrients you’re taking in day-to-day. Better yet, a healthy diet keeps your digestive and immune systems in check, making it easier to shake off the next time you get that virus or feel fatigued. Food gives you the strength to recover swiftly and land on your feet faster than the average person. It also enables you to feel good with more and more research uncovering that some of the feel good hormones are actually also produced in your gut. Our bodies are like machines, and the food we consume is like the fuel to keep the engine running. What you’re eating on a day-to-day basis is important, and often it is quite difficult to maintain healthy habits in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Hence why we book ourselves off on a retreat every now and then! If you’re somebody who is health conscious or journeying through some health concerns, a focus on food will naturally be something you prioritise in your day-to-day life. And we're hearing of more people than not on this path.

What To Expect: The Food at a Yoga Retreat

There should be no doubt that the food being served at a yoga retreat should have you leave feeling nourished, bloat-free, but totally satiated. At Hello Happiest, you’re guaranteed the most delicious fresh, whole food cuisine, packed with nutrients. We like to say, 'Filled with all the good stuff and void of all the bad stuff.' Not only will your senses and body be regenerated, but you’ll be learning more about the food you’re consuming, directly from the team, who are all happy to answer any questions you may have and share some recipes as well! This makes for a unique experience, and leaves you armed with accessible and easy to apply knowledge to take back into your day-to-day at home.

Ensuring That The Food Served at the Yoga Retreat is Up To Standard

We've seen some funny things around, for example and for a giggle; spots using 'maple flavoured syrup' and it being said that the food is refined sugar free. Maple flavoured syrup is literally liquid cane sugar. Haha. At Hello Happiest, we serve a range of delicious food, regardless of whether at one of our events, or a one or two night retreat. We provide from personalised canapés to what we call conscious whole food cuisine, alchemised by an in-house chef, using the best possible ingredients to be found. Salivating and tummy rumbling yet? Here’s to your good and yummy health, and we look forward to nourishing you on all kinds of levels soon.

Written by HH Editorial.

Cuisine captured was created by Holistic Health Chef Stacey Leigh Hodgson during our Hello Happiest events and retreats


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