Why a Corporate Wellness Experience is a Great Way to Celebrate Team Success

For most businesses, the end of the year is a great time to celebrate the successes of the company over the past twelve months and to get ready for the well deserved holidays. Whether your company likes to call it a Christmas Party or an end of year function, if you’ve experienced one of these you’ll know that it is usually a razzle dazzle which provides people with a chance to unwind, but can also leave a lot of people not feeling so great the morning after. It was with this in mind that we created an uplifting Corporate Wellness Experience at Hello Happiest., providing an alternative, custom made experience for teams to come together for an afternoon, evening or even an overnight stay at 26 Sunset Villa, depending on their needs.

What is a Corporate Wellness Experience?

A Corporate Wellness Experience provides companies with a year-end function option that features a variety of healthy activities like yoga, meditation, massage and swimming, all at a pristine oceanfront location along wiht some well deserved end of year celebrations of course. This gives employees a chance to refuel, spend some time in a relaxing environment, and ultimately allows them to let their hair down a bit, all as a thank you for their hard work and commitment over the past year. At Hello Happiest., these experiences are scheduled between the months of October and December, and can usually be arranged at fairly short notice, depending on capacity.

Build Your Own Experience

Unlike our usual retreats, which take place on fixed dates and with an itinerary set based on a predetermined theme, a corporate wellness experience truly gives you the chance to design what will work best for your team upfront. If a yoga class followed by a champagne toast or Gin Bar at sunset sounds perfect to you, or if you would prefer for something a little more extensive, like an overnight stay, the sea is truly your oyster here. Very few restaurants and venues offer you the chance to craft a personalised experience tailored towards healthy, fun activities, and a Corporate Wellness Experience gives you the chance to do this, at a very competitive rate.

A Great Bonding Experience for the Team

It goes without saying that getting together in a space with 360 degree views of the ocean, equipped with a pool, deck area and enough space to roam around freely and feel like you’re on vacation, will make anybody more relaxed. Not only this, but it is a great opportunity for your team to bond and spend some time getting to know each other outside the traditional 40 hour a week hustle and bustle. Going on a trip for a wellness experience will not only leave your staff refreshed and their reserves replenished for the tasks left to wrap up the year, but also shows that their wellbeing is important to you as an employer, setting them up to potentially continue on with their wellness journey after the completion of the experience. As you’ll already be familiar with, leading by example remains the best way to go.

Letting Your Hair Down But Keeping It Professional

Our corporate wellness experience provides a safe space to allow people to let their hair down in a professional way, a balance between pampering, relaxation and casual festivities such as ocean view lunches and cocktails. You set how long it is, you choose the activities, and the rest will fall into place from there.

If you’re looking for a new way to celebrate the end of the year with the team, and would like to explore a custom made corporate wellness experience between now and the end of December, reach out and we’ll provide you with more information, as well as a cost estimate. Feel free to also check out our other retreats, especially if you’re looking for something to surprise your boss with. Looking forward to seeing you at our next Corporate Wellness Experience this year!