Avoid that year end Burnout: Consider a Short Break in November

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If you’ve ever worked a full-time job, you’ll know exactly how the office environment gets in November. Everyone is tired from a long year, project deadlines are getting shorter and shorter considering everyone is focused on the date the office closes for the festive season (usually around the 15th), or you’ve been saving up your leave, and are planning a well deserved three week vacation, and it feels like you’re dragging yourself to the office each morning, as you get closer and closer to a short reprieve. This, while very common around the world, is not the best way to look after your general wellbeing.

End of Year Burnout Leads to Bad Decisions

You also might not make the most rational decisions during this time. Studies have shown that more people are likely to resign from their jobs in November or December, not because they are making a well thought out decision to change jobs, but because their bodies and minds are simply overrun and they are no longer able to cope. What happens after, is waking up in January, energised and unemployed, and not sure why the decision was made the decision in the first place. Don’t be that guy.

Taking Steps to Look After Your Health Before Burnout Hits

A contingency plan for the end of year burnout, is considering a quick breakaway in November. And no, I’m not talking about digging into your annual leave and changing up your plans at the last minute. This breakaway can be anything from an overnight yoga retreat, to a 24 hour “no-technology” breakaway in an AirBNB or even just spending some time in nature. A mental reboot might be just what you need to get you across the finish line.

A yoga retreat, or even just a couple of classes, is a viable option for a break like this because they are low cost, low hassle and don’t require a lot of planning and compromising on your part. A yoga retreat, be it a one or two nighter, is traditionally an all inclusive experience, providing you with accommodation, food, entertainment and everything else you may need (while not having to make any big decisions). You’re allowed to just go with the flow. The great thing is, that you’ll be in a brand new environment, and even though you’ll have fellow participants around you, mostly, people are there for the same reason: to go inward, revitalise the mind and connect with themselves again.

Why a Yoga Retreat Provides a Flexible, Relaxed Environment for a Break

If you’re looking to attend a retreat, but are not in a very sociable mood, that’s also totally fine. You are welcome to have a go at all activities at your own pace and schedule, and I, for one, don’t like to dictate to dictate the pace of the activities to retreatlings during my retreat. We chat about it. We gauge the times for sunset and sunrise yoga sessions that everyone is comfortable with. While everything is well organised and planned from our end, the last thing I want is for people to feel like they are on some serious schedule (like they would be in their day-to-day). I’ve found, for example, that a lot of people enjoy going to bed after dinner, not only to enjoy a long shower and to slip back into robes and slippers), but also to take some time out to relax or even read that book that’s been gathering dust in their handbag. You know yourself, and what works for you.

Sound Good? Nead a break? Hope To See You Sometime.

Hello Happiest hosts a series of retreats and events in the summer season, in a location with a 360 degree view of the ocean. I like to believe that it’s impossible not to relax at one of the retreats of events, not only because of the environment, but because of the general atmosphere. Our bookings are now open for the last quarter of the year, so get in touch if you’re interested. Other than that, please look after yourself, and let’s end the year off in high spirits.


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