Why a Yoga Retreat is a Great Way to Reboot & Restore

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So you’re thinking of signing up for a yoga retreat soon? Bravo! This is the first step towards a life of increased mindfulness, prioritising your self care, and getting in touch with truly feeling good. We understand that a retreat may seem like a very big commitment, which is why we’re here to remind that investing in yourself may just be the best thing you've done for yourself in a while! We’re here to tell you that the experience is not just going to be worth it, you're going to feel like you've stepped into a whole other level of being human!

A Change of Scenery as good as a holiday. Ok, so that’s not the exact saying, but it still rings true. Regardless of where the yoga retreat will be taking place (Hello Happiest, for example, does so in a space with a 360 degree view of the ocean), it will be a brand new space, and an opportunity for you to experience something new. This allows for a refreshed mind that may just reinvigorate your perspective on the happenings in your daily life. Step into the unknown, and enjoy breaking from your routine a little bit.

Yoga Retreats Tend To Be Small and Intimate

There’s no need to feel intimidated by who or how many will be at the retreat. Before going, you may convince yourself that it will be packed, with all eyes on you, as someone who “doesn’t know what they are doing”. This simply isn’t the case. Yoga Retreats tend to be a handful of people (10 at most), where everybody is focused on “doing their thing” at their own pace. A small and intimate environment allows for a general feeling of relaxed comfort and a shared experience between you and a few strangers, who may even end up becoming your friends as you progress on your journey.

At a Yoga Retreat, You Go At Your Own Pace

This is worth reiterating again. The experience is restorative and a chance to reboot; you are encouraged to go at your own pace and listen to what your body needs. You are encouraged to relax. We’ve heard about retreatlings attending a yoga class during a retreat, for example, only to find themselves in Child’s Pose (a yoga resting pose) for the entire session, because it encouraged some sort of an emotional release that they needed at that time. This was encouraged by the instructor, who checked in with the person from time to time. There is absolutely no pressure to keep up with the class, but rather listen to your body, communicate with your instructor, and go into the experience with an open mind and intention that is most meaningful to you at the time.

Yoga Retreats Come in Many Shapes and Sizes, but all reboot and restore

Before booking your next retreat, make sure you do your research, and talk to your friends about any referrals for places they’ve been to that are in line with your needs. Why not do the experiences as a collective? That tends to make it a little easier and more fun, but could also take away from the retreat as a solo journey if you're into that. Decide what your needs are at any given time and find the experience that works for you.

For what it’s worth, Hello Happiest always provides a comfortable, safe space for participants to enjoy yoga classes in a beautiful location facing the ocean where you get to reconnect back with nature and reboot body mind and soul. If this article has encouraged you to start your restore journey (be it mental, physical or spiritual), check out more details about the retreats over here. Here’s to an uplifting new experience and the start of something wonderful!

Written by HH Editorial.

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