What Makes for a Memorable First Time Yoga Experience?

There’s a popular saying that has popped up in movies in recent years, which you may have heard: “yoga isn’t for everyone”. We’re here to challenge that, arguing that even if it “isn’t for everyone” as the saying goes, the styles are that versatile that there will definitely be a kind of yoga that will work for you, and even if your first yoga class is not the exact fit, it can still be a memorable experience, especially so when you do a class for the very first time.

While there are many things that make for a memorable yoga experience, below we’ve outlined four of the most common learnings from yoga first timers, which we wanted to share with you today.

Being Comfortable in the Space

First and foremost, it’s important to feel comfortable in the space you’ll be yoga flowing in. Are you more introverted, and don’t enjoy busy classes at the gym? That’s absolutely fine. Try then, to rather sign up for a private class or consider a yoga experience instead. If you enjoy the social aspect of working out a little more, then a bigger class with more people may work for you. Whichever you prefer, make sure that you get a good feeling not only when you physically enter the space, but when you think about it as well. The first time will always be daunting, but remember that you’re just trying something new, and can always look at other options if it isn’t a good fit.

Feeling Secure in the Abilities of Your Instructor

There’s nothing worse than paying for a class and questioning whether the instructor has the ‘chops’ (or background and experience) to deliver a good class. Talk to friends and family about yogi’s they have taken classes with, as referrals are one of the more common ways to avoid going to someone who is unqualified, especially so if you’re looking to practice yoga over a longer period of time. Don’t be shy to ask your instructor where and what they’ve studied and remember to hang onto any good instructors you come across!

Trusting Your Own Intentions

Another important piece on the path towards a memorable yoga experience is to trust your own intentions for doing yoga. Why are you stepping onto your mat? To socialise? De-stress? Exercise? For all the health benefits you've heard it entails? Ensure that your intentions are clear, and that you’re mentally prepared to take on a new challenge that not only will improve your health and lifestyle, but will teach you more about yourself and allow you to immerse yourself both in body and mind. Yoga is an inward journey; go with your gut and give it a try when you feel ready to do so and when you’re excited about what it could do for your life.

Try Not To Overthink the Experience

A lot of us have a tendency to overthink new situations out of fear, and to talk ourselves out of something, often before it even begins. If you’re looking to try yoga for the first time, it’s crucial that you don’t overthink the experience. You have to surrender to the process, acknowledge that the first time will not be without some growing pains, and remember that your journey with yoga and meditation is just that – a journey. Take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself! Try meditating the morning before your class, in an attempt to soothe the mind before your class. And try not to take yourself too seriously!

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Written by HH Editorial.

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