Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

I recently did my 300 Hour Advanced Yoga teacher training at The Wellness Connection Yoga in Hout Bay. If I could sum it all up in two words; it would simply be that it was mind blowing. I have never done anything as game changing as this course (speaking both professionally and personally). Even though I’ve been running around and shaking hands with wellness fellows in the States, I’ve been dying to make some time to share what this course is all about and I’m thrilled to be able to share my biggest takeaways with you today.

What is the Wellness Connection Advanced Yoga Teacher Training?

The training ran over an intensive four week period. Days consisted of a morning yoga practice, followed by yoga anatomy & theory, as well as practical skill work. We covered what feels like all areas of the human body and yoga journey, including;

  • An overview of the different yoga styles, origin of yoga and how it has evolved,

  • Pose anatomy (More fascinating that Grey’s Anatomy),

  • The role of cognitive psychology in yoga and vice versa,

  • Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Poses: how to advance to these poses as well as how to make the poses work for an individual’s body,

  • Injury Prevention,

  • Strength and Flexibility skill work,

  • Advanced Teaching, sequencing and adjustments,

  • Creating intelligent classes and workshops, as well as a —

  • Research project post contact hours.

What Else Made Advanced Yoga Teacher Training So Special?

All of this took place within the playful and interactive environment created by hosts Catherine and Laura. My goodness, did we spend a lot of time in joy and laughter! We were encouraged to have fun, question, learn by doing and, of course, being the foodie that I am, I have to mention that we were well fed, from delicious rusks that kept magically appearing through to all kinds of yummy vegan lunch spreads.

The Experience Summarised

In essence, this course has changed my life. I’ve not only learned to be a better, more adaptable yoga instructor and teacher, but I feel like it has enriched my life as well. I now question everything, am more tuned into the 'mind over matter' side of yoga and know how to get myself and my students from where we are to where want to me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next Yoga event and immersing you in the many learnings and takeaways from this qualification.

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