Hello Happiest Goes Global with 26 Sunset Villa

When 26 Sunset Villa received an invitation to participate in the 2019 Ultra Wellness event in Florida in the US, I jumped at the opportunity to represent both brands at the three day experience. As a participant at Ultra Wellness, we were given the the opportunity to meet and network with luxury advisers who specialize in wellness getaways and also got to share more about our brands to an international audience, which was an eye opening experience in itself.

What is the Ultra Wellness Summit About?

On top of the exciting one-on-one networking opportunities, and introducing our Wellness Hub to the world, I had the opportunity to sit in on various educational seminars, which enlightened me on current wellness statistics and trends from around the world. One of the panel experts I particularly enjoyed hearing from was the Global Wellness Institute. I felt like a receptor (or sponge!) downloading this global wellness data and getting a clearer sense on the upward trend in the industry as a whole. The wellness field as a whole is expected to grow to a trillion dollar industry by the end of next year!

What Encouraged Me To Attend the Ultra Wellness Summit?

As I've mentioned, it was a bit of a no-brainer to make the trip. I saw an incredible opportunity to learn and bring the knowledge back to our events and retreats back home. I was able to spread the word about the Hello Happiest Hub, and also had a front row seat to see how the global wellness market operates. More importantly, I got to see how we can create the experiences that our retreatlings would not only desire, but need, in terms of their own growth and well-being. It was an incredibly enlightening experience. Over the three days I met with over 20 travel advisors on a one on one basis, and connected with even more during the after hours receptions and events.

Highlights from the Wellness Summit

I wish I could simply say all of it! The beautiful locations, personal connections, food of course (I don't ever not mention the food), and all the learnings that came from the experience:

Learning more about what the wellness seeker is specifically looking for. I was elated to know that our retreats tick all of the following boxes!

  • A research study conducted and presented by the Wellness Tourism Association identified the big five Top Wellness Travel Must Haves:

  • Peace and quiet;

  • A range of fitness activities;

  • Access to holistic treatments;

  • Accessible nature; and —

  • Food, food, food, (healthy of course).

Needless to say, there are some exciting new elements that I’m going to be bringing into our upcoming experiences, as well as some exciting new places we may be expanding to in the near future. I also learned quite a bit about increasing wellness travel trends around the world.

  • Specialized nutrition;

  • More getting out into nature;

  • Group meditations;

  • CBD massages and therapies;

  • Digital detoxes;

  • Mental health matters and reducing stress;

  • Spiritual pursuits and reconnecting back with self;

  • Being healthy in a way that makes sense, smarter not longer;

  • A well rounded wellness experiences, one stop wellness;

  • And just for a giggle, apparently kale is out and cauliflower is back!

Ultra Hello Happiest Events and Retreats

I must say, I do feel ULTRA excited about taking wellness at our Hub further into the future after attending this event. With access to wellness travel needs and trends such as the above, seeing new growth opportunities and where they lie, as well as ways to capitalize on our already unique offerings, I have no doubt that our future events will be better than ever!

...and just when you thought the international excitement has come to an end, I have some news: I am currently on the second half of my Florida trip hopping between Yoga studios and retreat centers on my continuous quest to network, learn and spread Hello Happiest. Will share more on this soon!