Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Retreats

When it comes to our Yoga and Wellness Retreats, there are some common questions that pop up. If you have been wondering about any of these; here you go 😊

If there are any other questions you still want us to cover once you've given this a read, please pop them in the comments and we'll send some clarity your way!

1. If I am new to yoga or have never done yoga before,

will I be able to keep up?

Don’t stress at all - the yoga will be for all levels and abilities - even if you've never done before! A ‘yoga retreat’ may seem quite daunting for beginners, but our yoga is more to relax and get you to feel good.

The two classes are more about de-stressing and stretching. Our intention is to have you feeling utterly refreshed, almost zen-like. And, remember, everything is optional, so if you try it and yoga isn’t your thing and you’d rather sleep in- it’s up to you!

2. I will be coming on my own and would like to know,

is this something people do?'

Amazing and well done for giving yourself permission to self care and adventure on your own! Chances are slim that you are the only one who has come on their own. If you want to share a room with someone, we can pair you up, or you can go for the single single suite option. The rooms are spacious and perfect either way.

3. Do I have to participate in everything?

Not at all. This is your time to do what will make you feel best. If that means skipping the yoga and going for a walk, do that! Or eating dinner in your room, do that! Our wish is that you do whatever your heart desires. How often can we actually do that?

4. What else is there to do other than yoga, dinner and brunch?

Feel free to bring a book or any relaxation of your choosing. You can get lost in the Villa to relax in any way and in any place; by the pool, in your room, on the beach... We have a table tennis table, treadmill, steam-room and we are a short walk away from both Llandudno Beach and Sandy Bay Beach if you'd like to indulge in some sandy feet and ocean air.

Sam Lowe Photography

Sam Lowe Photography

5. What kind of a retreat is this?

It's more a 'Tailour-Make-Your-Ideal-Day' Retreat. Yes we provide the fine-dining and yoga experiences, but we can't emphasize enough that we want you to do whatever your heart desires and immerse yourself in the serene environment when you're not on your mat or soaking up the pleasures of our conscious cuisine.

If you have any other questions, please let us know 🙏