The best nature getaway and star gazing near Cape Town

I recently visited the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and have to say, best nature escape to date!

Feeling on top of the world

When it comes to the South African outdoors, my partner and I are no strangers to its raw beauty. But little did we know what we would be stumbling upon when we visited the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve earlier this year; one of Western Cape’s most magnificent settings.

When last have you felt like the only person on earth? Where all you can hear is the sound of wind and birds? Where you get to sleep under the stars and wake up to a purple-blue sunrise? When last have you been so entangled with nature’s elements you unconsciously and effortlessly become part of it? I’ve recently been able to do just that and loved it so much that I had to share with the fellow nature lovers out there.

Star Gazing

What to expect at Kagga Kamma

I am humbled to introduce you to my last reconnect with nature. Say hello to Kagga Kamma, yes it took me a few tries to say it properly too! (And don’t stress if you’re struggling to pronounce it, when you visit you’ll be graced with the colloquial Afrikaans pronunciation.) An enchanted land hidden between the Cederberg and Karoo, where you get to camp amongst rock enclaves or sleep in cave suits or even in an open air sky suite. A place where you forget that the world exists, and simply enjoy the natural elements; the dassies at home next to you, the sunbirds looking for food, the eland roaming close by and the Kagga Kamma family just around the corner to take you on rock art yours, nature drives, sundowner trips, stargazing or even on Quad Bike Safaris.

The most epic campsite
Our camping neighbours

Something about sleeping in a cave ignited an ancient whisper in us and so we decided to go camping amongst these magnificent rock formations earlier this year for Justin’s birthday. We fell so in love with the red sand, rocky outcrops and starry skies that we had to find a way to go back... and soon! After a few discussions with the Kagga Kamma team it appeared they wanted us to come back as much as we did! A video exchange was order and so with all kinds of excitement Justin and I eagerly awaited September where we could once again, pack our camping gear, walking shoes and cameras and return to the land of rocky slopes and floral scents.

Nature at it's best
Bushman Rock Art

During our week of filming the Kagga Kamma experience, the team not only welcomed us into their family, went out of their way to meet all our needs, but introduced us to all the highlights and delights Kagga Kamma has to offer. We roamed the same paths as the San, had sundowners every night in the most incredible locations, enjoyed early morning nature drives, evening massages in their outdoor spa, dinner under the stars in their magnificent Sky Suite and last but not least probably experienced one of the most romantic nights of our lives sleeping under the stars on our last night in their Star Suite.

Open air suite complete with uninterrupted views

Are you interested in a luxurious night under the stars?

This experience is like none other. Imagine Quad Biking to your own open air suite complete with uninterrupted views of the Cederberg mountains. A bed has been made with so much love, dinner table set, cooler box packed with a three course meal for you to braai and enjoy under the stars along with a bottle bubbly. We fell asleep to two jackals calling for one another across the valley. A little while later I woke up once or twice and found myself wide eyed and open mouthed gasping at the milky way. You would think that it would be cold at 3am in the morning in mid September, but we were so cozily surrounded by the biggest headboard you’ll ever sleep next to and both slept like a dream. In the morning we awoke to a purple-blue sky and eland roaming close by. Morning bush coffee was made on our campfire and once packed and on our quad bike journey back to the Lodge we spotted the Jackal pair we heard the night before! Our own quad bike game drive!

How about that bed?!
Dinner with a view

After our night under the stars we prolonged our goodbyes as best we could. Even though we only visited for a week, something about the rocky outcrops, majestic animals, pink-blue hills and feeling of timelessness made us feel utterly at home. All too quickly the Kagga Kamma Reserve disappeared into red dust behind us as we sat silently digesting the magic that we not only got to explore, but capture. Video below! May it give you a but a taste of the Kagga Kamma essence.

If you are interested in visiting, hop onto the Kagga Kamma website.

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