B l i s s B a l l s

These little balls were such a hit at my last retreat, simply had to share them with more people. Apparently they taste like coconutty lamingtons! The guilt free kind of course ;) I make a big batch that normally lasts two weeks to snack on & enjoy. Feel free to add any other flavours & ingredients to bump them up.

I n g r e d i e n t s

⅓ cup coconut oil

2 ½ cups gluten free rolled oats

1 cup shredded coconut

extra shredded coconut to coat

5-6 dates (can add more for more sweetness / chewiness)

2 teaspoons coconut nectar / rice syrup / honey / maple syrup (can add more for desired taste)

2 tablespoons peanut butter

(¼ cup melted dark chocolate if adding a chocolate layer)

*the coconut balls are amazing by themselves as well, the peanut butter & chocolate add some flavour but can me omitted as well

M e t h o d

~ Add coconut oil, rolled oats, sweetener of choice & the shredded coconut to the food processor and mix until well combined

~ Divide mixture in half & add peanut butter to one half

~ Scoop out bite sized pieces with a spoon and roll into little balls

~ Toss each ball gently in the rest of the finely shredded coconut or melted dark chocolate until well coated

~ Place on a flat tray lined with baking paper, refrigerate for 30 minutes

~ Try not eat them all in one go ;)



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