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Hello Happiest

A Wellness Hub - bringing yoga events and retreats your way - Morning Yoga & Brunches, Sunset Yoga Champagne & Canapés, One Night and Weekend Wellness Sanctuaries and more.


What started as one day retreats to escape the business of life and plug into for a reboot, has since transformed into a hub that offers regular events and retreats that you can escape to; to restore and reboot. Because everything comes from being full first.

Whether you are looking to start your wellness journey or craving a reboot... a community filled with yoga (for all levels) events, retreats and tools awaits you.

That you too can plug into elements such as yoga, conscious cuisine, beautiful spaces and all kinds of pampering to ignite your bliss and and make

happy, yet healthy, living a sustainable part of your life

More on Christi here.