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9 - 10 November 2019


One Night


Yes you can eat chocolate and be healthy!

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word 'Cacao'? Chocolate, perhaps?

For most people, the word is associated with a guilty pleasure, a "treat", or something that causes overindulgence and possibly even feelings of guilt. What is often overlooked, is that cacao has been used around the world for centuries for its healing properties, and these days it is fast becoming a growing popular topic in global health and wellness conversations, as well as in medicinal research.

It's time to start changing our perception of this incredible tropical bean. What we used to think of as merely a treat, now comes to light for its healing properties and as a safe and controlled form of mood enhancement. In fact, Cacao is widely considered to be the number one longevity food in the world - something we would like to prove to you in this first of its kind wellness retreat.

Join us this October to learn more about the healing, practical and immersive properties of this ancient superfood. Guilt is guaranteed to be transformed into absolute pleasure. We look forward to seeing you there!

Your experience includes 

Up to three uplifting yoga classes: revitalizing Vinyasa & rejuvenating Yin

suitable for all levels - even if you are new to yoga

One night's luxury accommodation at 26 SUNSET VILLA in Llandudno

Chocolate and wine pairing culinary experience 

Healthy brunch; complete with all kinds of cacao of course!

Cacao ceremony (more information below)



Beach Cacao Scrub

A deep dive into all the things you would like to know about Cacao 

Light Lunch 

An experience of a lifetime while indulging in self care, relaxation, the marine reserve and two world class beaches on our doorstep 

An absolute transformation of self. Leave feeling happier, rejuvenated and completely restored



Read more about our
 Cacao Retreat and the benefits of cacao here

Hello from your hosts


Christi is a yoga fanatic and obsessed with all things chocolate. She was irresistibly drawn into the world of wellness when she fell in love with yoga as well as healthy living. She has since transformed herself and transitioned from the world of Accounting and Investment to become a qualified advanced yoga instructor and Holistic Health Coach. Inspired by her personal story she now hosts yoga events and retreats to ignite others’ bliss. The aim of her game is to enable others to fall more in love with themselves, their bodies and their lives.


Christi teaches Restorative Vinyasa / Yin based yoga for all levels, combining playfulness, mindfulness and movement to revitalize and reboot. As a new yogi herself, she loves sharing her tricks and learnings within her classes. Expect to tune in to your body and breath, listen to what you need and flow to these needs as she guides you through the class.


Roxann is at her best when she can transform people on a deeper level. She has a degree in Interior Architecture - specialized Feng Shui and has been teaching yoga internationally for 4 years.  Her focus is Kundalini, Chakra Yoga, Vinyasa and Acro Yoga.


Born in France, she developed a deep passion for chocolate and having grown up in Mauritius, she immersed herself in the Indian culture where she fell in love with Eastern Philosophies and Teaching. 


Her life philosophy is to live by the moon, love by the sun and eat from the earth. She believes that life is not meant to be restricted, but rather lived pleasurably. She thrives to inspire and educate people to live life to the fullest. 

Reflections from past guests





I can't believe the transformation in my personal space over, not even, twenty four hours. Obviously the food was a highlight, the energy of the Villa is so grounding, beautiful and uplifting with the ocean right there. 


Sarah Block

The star of the show, however, and what

makes 26 Sunset Villa so unique, is not

the sheer magnitude of its offerings and

magnificent façade – it’s the service. And

this is where the term “unhurried living”